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Cinematography (from Greek , kinema "movements" and , graphein "to record") is the art or science of motion picture  photography. It is the technique of movie photography, including both the shooting and development of film or digital images.

Unity Cinematic is dedicated 
to the art of filmmaking

We're proud to have a talent resource of award-winning filmmakers, videographers, graphic designers, creative directors, and artists. Together we can help you develop a great story through video and dynamic messaging.

Creative direction during pre-production will be established from your insights, and a production plan will be developed to meet your needs. We develop all elements of production including, video capture, audio, on-camera talent, voice over, motion graphics, and editing.

Take your messaging to the next level of communications. Is your product or service speaking loud enough and clearly? Does your organization have a story to tell? Are the events you are hosting worth sharing to the community? Looking for a heavily artdirected conceptual spot or campaign for local, regional or national broadcast? Or simply something to spruce up and drive traffic on your website… 

It’s time to make a .mov – with Unity Cinematic. Call us today!


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