Online Video Marketing is the newest and fastest growing area of advertising. By marketing with online video, you instantly are connected to the largest marketplace of consumers in the history of business. Youtube reaches more U.S. adults aged 18-34 than any cable network.

Not only is video marketing a way to reach many viewers quickly, but it’s also becoming one of the most effective ways to ensure sales as well. A consumer who views a product video is up to 144% more likely to add that product to his or her cart. Potential customers seek out and prefer companies that use video to promote their products and services. 20% of people will read text, while 80% of people will watch a video with the exact same content. At Unity Cinematic, we monitor the trends and work with statistics like these to ensure that the content we produce for clients is as relevant and effective as possible.

We work closely with clients to fully understand your goals and business approach. We then create and execute delivery strategies that assure that your new video reaches your ideal customer.
We accomplish this by researching and analyzing the current trends. Through our unique combination of SEOadvertising, and video professionals, we are able to deliver products that help you achieve your goals.
We accomplish this through client-tailored campaigns built around Understanding Your BrandEnhancing Your AppealEncouraging Consumer Response, and Understanding Audience Demographics.


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