As a team of creatives, we can offer a range of help and tools to accomplish your vision. We encompass multiple services; Planning and Brainstorming, Writing, Storyboarding, Draft Animatics, On Location Filming, Studio Filming, Casting Actors and Voice Talent, and of course, Post Production, Polishing, and Distribution

  • Filming on location
  • Filming in studio
  • Multiple cameras
  • Storyboarding
  • Scripting
  • Professional voiceover/acting talent
  • Video editing
  • Sound mixing
  • Motion graphics
  • Titling/effects
  • Closed-captioning
  • DVD authoring/duplication
  • B-roll footage
  • Web integration
  • Social media Integration


We separate ourselves from other production teams by continued diligence once your video product is done. We pair our expert video with keyword tag analysis to increase your visibility. We can create and maintain multiple social network accounts including Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Google+, and many more. We are also well versed in email marketing and review mining to ensure that once your customers are with you, they stay with you.

To recap, we strive to create a video that perfectly fits your needs, and then work to distribute that video in ways that will best suit your goals. We do this with the best tools and trained video specialists paired with eagle-eyed SEO analysis.

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